Fast multi-threaded console uploader for Amazon Glacier. Command line uploader for Amazon Glacier.
Free Windows Client for Amazon Glacier


Console Uploader (glacier-put.exe)

FastGlacier console uploader allows you to automate data uploads to Amazon Glacier.

Open the folder where you installed FastGlacier and find glacier-put.exe.

The usage is shown below:

 glacier-put account[:password] local-file region-code vault/folder


  account - account name you specified when adding an account using gui wizard

  password - optional password to decrypt account credentials (master password)

  local-file - path to the file or directory on your disk (wildcards allowed)

  region-code - amazon glacier region code, supported regions are: 

    [region name]                        [region code]

     US East (Northern Virginia)           us-east-1
     US West (Northern California)         us-west-1
     US West (Oregon)                      us-west-2
     EU (Ireland)                          eu-west-1
     EU (Frankfurt)                     eu-central-1
     Asia Pacific (Tokyo)             ap-northeast-1
     Asia Pacific (Sydney)            ap-southeast-2

  vault/folder - amazon glacier vault name and folder


  glacier-put my-account c:\backup us-east-1 my-vault/backups

  glacier-put my-account c:\backup\*.bkf eu-west-1 my-vault

  glacier-put my-account "e:\my videos" eu-west-1 "vault-3/my videos"

  glacier-put encrypted-account:85sd4df F:\Docs eu-west-1 Vault-4/Docs

 If spaces appear in the path, enclose it in quotation marks.
 Do not use traling backslash.

FastGlacier 2.7.1 Freeware
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