Folders in Amazon Glacier Vault. How to create new folder in Amazon Glacier Vault.
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How to create new folders in Amazon Glacier Vault

Starting with version 1.5.1 FastGlacier supports creating new folders (technically, the folder is an empty file ending with a slash symbol).

Now you can organize your files inside the Vault by creating a folder structure.

To create new folder:

1. Start FastGlacier and choose the vault you want to work with.

Select the Vault

Select the Vault you want to work with.

2. Click the New Folder button located on the toolbar:

New Folder button

Click the New Folder button.

3. Enter new folder name and click Create new folder

New folder name prompt

Enter new folder name and click OK.

4. New folder will be created and displayed.

folder created

New folder successfully created

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